How to Apply for Birth Certificate

How we can Apply for Birth Certificate

Frequently asked a question that or how to apply for birth certificate where i can obtain a birth certificate in Pakistan.So today i will tell you a procedure about obtaining a Computerized birth certificate.

What is Birth certificate

Birth certificate is a proof document about child parents details and residency and identity.

in the past era no one can known about birth certificate but today in mostly departments you are required to submit a Birth certificate,when you going to abroad,in banks,in School first time admission,in hospital etc then Birth certificate is one of required documents. so briefly i will guide you that how to apply birth certificate?

Where i can get Birth Certificate

You can get a birth certificate from your concerned Village Council Secretary.a village council secretary is a officially person of Local Government and rural development they can guide you to get a birth certificate.

Birth Certificate requirement

1.Birth Application form fill by applicant,the applicant may parents of Child or others legal hears.See rules CRVS lgkp.

2.Computerized national identity card of parents

3.School record of children if they are enrolled into a school or vaccination card like polio,hospital birth or any others proof document kike affidavit.

4.Form are dully attested from 17 grade officer or local body counselors.

Time required.

Mostly normally birth certificate issued in 3 to 7 days,but some occasion its takes time see rules crvs lgkp.

After process completed you will be obtain computerized birth certificates

Download Birth application form

How to Apply for Birth Certificate
Birth application form

Download Birth certificate form

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